Are you looking to create wild interest in your cause? Are you looking to generate earning for your mission? Are you looking for an experience that no one will ever forget?

If so, Dr. Adams has been helping groups create fantastic fundraisers worldwide. He offers a rare combination and formula to help even the less experienced groups create profitable events. Dr. Adams offers special and unique offerings such as speaking two times in one day, clowning once-in-a-lifetime experiences, opening up his rolodex to partner with other Patch Adams groups, VIP book signings and more! Here's a couple statistics about America's favorite doctor:

* 90,000 people a month search for the name Dr. Patch Adams in USA and abroad in Google search engine alone (according to Google keyword search tool, on October 15, 2010.)
* The movie Patch Adams was a blockbuster success and has shown worldwide to billions of people. The movie continues to show on primetime TV regularly.
* Dr. Adams has been speaking for over three decades and never missed an event
* Dr. Adams is incredibly active and popular visiting 52 international cities with his message in 2010 alone!

" Dr. Adams made our fundraiser a sensational success. His lecture was one of our most financially successful events in our organization's history "

Dr. Adams is helping draw interest, attract large attendances and leave people inspired. He's different. He's memorable. He's real.


Patch Adams

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