Dr. Bowen White

Favorite Food: Home made pesto from the garden

Family: Married with four daughters and one granddaughter. Both my wife and one of our daughters travels with us on some of the humanitarian missions with Patch

Hobbies: Design Thinking, reading, poetry, hiking, learning new things, playing frisbee, juggling, Kansas University men's basketball, spending time with friends and family

Home: We live in the suburbs of Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas.

What you don't know about me: I peaked early by winning the BEST DANCER award in high school

Fun fact: I was one of only two medical students that were founding members of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978

Bowen F. White, M.D. combines the talents and expertise of a physician, speaker, consultant, clown, and author. He and his clown character, Dr. Jerko, travel throughout the world conducting seminars, consulting for businesses, and speaking to public and private organizations.

Dr. White has captivated conference rooms and lecture halls with his training programs, seminars, keynote speeches, management retreats, executive mentoring, and spouse programs. They have had immediate, practical application for major corporations from American Express to Hallmark Cards.

Bowen F. White, M.D. isn't normal. Why? After seeing thousands of people as a physician, Dr. White discovered that what we consider normal isn't necessarily healthy.

That is why he wrote his book, WHY NORMAL ISN'T HEALTHY: Finding Heart, Meaning, Passion, and Humor on the Road Most Traveled. Doing what millions of years of evolution have programmed us to do may be perfectly normal, but it isn't perfectly healthy. Funny, incisive, and persuasive, Dr. White's prescription is as easy to swallow as it is effective: laugh, misbehave, make mistakes, and through it all discover your very own potential for health, healing, and wholeness.

Dr. White is a close colleague of Dr. Patch Adams, being a part of the Gesundheit growth and development since the start. When not speaking, Dr. White volunteers at The Gesundheit Institute.

In 1983, Dr. White founded the Department of Preventive & Stress Medicine for Baptist Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, one of the first such departments in the United States, and served as Medical Director of that department and the Department of Wellness and Health Promotion before leaving to pursue a private practice and career as a consultant and speaker.

His programs emphasize the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own health and well being and help organizations create productive and healthy workplaces.

Dr. White's training programs, seminars, keynote speeches, management retreats, executive mentoring and spouse programs have had an immediate, practical application for such organizations as: Sun Microsystems, Duke University Medical Center, Mobil, Sprint, The Foreign Service Institute, Medtronic, Hallmark Cards, Solomon Brothers, New York Life Insurance, American Express and Georgetown University Law School, as well as many others.

All over the world, Dr. John Glick clowns around and shares his powerful message on the importance of caring- its magic. Dr. John Glick likes to make you laugh and make people think. He wants to work with groups who aspire to infuse compassion, generosity, and humor into their life.

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