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How Most People Heard of Him: He's the real man behind the hit movie "Patch Adams," starring Robin Williams!

Patch's Title:
Patch is a medical doctor, humanitarian clown, and social change activist.

His Organization: Patch is the founder of the Gesundheit Institute, a non-profit organization that is working towards building and sustaining the first FREE hospital in the United States.

He Talks For Donations: Patch Adams' fee is tax deductible, and the money he makes from events goes to the Gesundheit Institute!

Best-selling Author: Patch has authored 2 books, Gesundheit! and House Calls. Both books are available for book signing.

When He Is Not Speaking:
Patch leads 5-7 clown trips per year, taking groups of people to war-torn countries and the poorest of regions to clown around and bring humor and care to the underprivileged.

His Name: His real name is Hunter Doherty Adams but everyone calls him Patch.

Where He Went to School: After graduating (1963) from Wakefield High School (Arlington County, Virginia) Adams completed pre-med coursework at the George Washington University. He began medical school without an undergraduate degree, and earned his Doctor of Medicine degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1971.

Location: Patch lives in Arlington, Virginia (The Gesundheit Insutute is located in Richmond, Virgina)

Family: Wildly in love with Susan Parenti. Patch has two sons Zag (Legal name: Atomic Zagnut Adams) and Lars (Legal name: Lars Zig Edquist Adams). However, Patch personally supports over 300 orphans worldwide

His Belief In Giving:
Regardless of often raising over $1 million a year, Dr. Adams gives all his money away. He does not own a car, a house or any insurance. This demonstrates his ultimate belief that if you give, you in return will be cared for.

Patch Adams

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